A must read in this era where people don’t give unconditionally!!

– Satender Solankion

I made advance purchase of the book basis the synopsis and believe me it was worth ordering !!! As I glanced the first page, I was taken aback by the words of the author….The book was so captivating that even after a hectic day at work I was so engrossed in reading and by the time I realized, it was already 4 in morning. The author was able to make successful correlation with one’s mundane life and the commensurate attributes.  One of my best reads till date! Kudos to the team and the author!!!


It is a readers delight……

– namrata sharma

It is a readers delight…… One will get addicted to it until not read till the end. I read it in a stretch non stop and I must say it doesn’t seem like it’s Amisha’s the writers first book. very well written and explained gently. Simple but to the point. Most of us can relate to the incidents as they are so well described. And I agree ” IT DOESN’T HURT TO BE NICE” ever in life……… as life is a full circle what goes around comes around. Kindness is the best example very nicely transmitted by the writer. Let’s all open our account of Karma by reading this book and making the change in our life even if it is a small one. Now eagerly looking forward to the next book by Amisha. Good work keep it up… the world needs people like you who awaken and enlighten other peoples life by their Kind Acts


Packed with Wisdom!

– Swathi Shenoy

Sometimes when reading book after books, you come across a wonderful book which you wish wouldn’t end soon and when it does, you want to go back and read it all over again! ‘It Doesn’t Hurt to be Nice’ by Amisha Sethi has been one such book for me. There are a very few who can write about philosophy and make the readers fall in love with the book. Amisha has managed to that just fine. And when I saw that the author is just 30 something, I was shocked! With the amount of wisdom she has poured in this book, I really wasn’t expecting a young author.

This book has around 10 chapters and each chapter deals with different aspects of life. Every chapter started with some profound thoughts, followed by some life incident of Kiara which helps the reader understand the importance or the necessity of following certain aspects of life. These incidents are realistic, which happen to us or around us in day to day life. The author describes how Kiara dealt with these things differently and how she found happiness in doing so. These stories are again followed by some titbits of wisdom, which will leave you thinking and reflecting. There were also extracts from The Bhagawad Gita and The Upanishads which I loved reading.

Usually when I pick up a book of 130 pages, I will finish it within an hour or two unless it is slow. But this one took me 6 hours! Not because it was boring but because every chapter, every page and every paragraph had so much information that I couldn’t just hurry through this. I read it slowly, digesting and processing each bit of wisdom and when I did finally finish the book, I somehow felt happy with what I have learnt.

The author has beautifully connected the various aspects of life. She has written about how one can live life to its fullest. Each of these chapters are a piece of advice which we can imbibe in our life. And the best part is, the way Amisha has written it. She hasn’t filled the whole book just with advises but she has written it with a pinch of humor which makes the book all more intriguing. I also loved the funny illustrations at the beginning of each chapter. They gave a hint about what was to come.

I would recommend this book to everyone. Do read it. Don’t read it just for the sake of it but read and reflect on these things and try to incorporate few of these in your life. It certainly will be a life changer for you.


A lovely book after soo long!!!

– Shifali thakkur

After a long time, I came across a book which wasn’t just refreshing but also so meaningful. This is a story that made me ponder about the small things in life that define me and how it is so easy to be happy only if I shift the lens with which I view the world. A humerous, light hearted read that will help you live life to the fullest come what may!!


A Must Read, Unputdownable book

– Anonymous

A great read! Could not have been a better book to read. Finished it in a day as it was really difficult to put down. Learnt a lot from the book and would actually like to implement a few things in life while spreading the Happy Message. Great work, great quality of book both content and production wise. A must read.


Excellent Book !! Totally loved it !!

– Garima Sehgalon

With engaging candor, eloquence and wit, Amisha protrays the inspiring chronicle of Kiara’s life. She clearly explains the subtle but definite laws behind the ordinary and extra ordinary events of life. Truly said,” It doesn’t hurt to be nice ”


Loved it, a must read today! :)

– Milind Gandhi

This book is very special and dear to me. It gave me a huge assurance that kindness always wins. I have always been kind and nice to everyone in all my endeavors be it office, friends, family, relationships but that was considered my weakness by many. They said ‘you will be taken advantage of’ for in today’s world no one really cares. But when I read this book, much to my relief, it comes as such a huge approval for my actions. I could relate with Kiara every bit and also loved the way of writing and the choice of words. Thanks for writing this Amisha, I really loved it. I am already looking forward to the next novel from Amisha (a teaser is released in this book)..


The book with Genuine daily life Feeling!

– Sagar Bayar

An Awesome book :) If u have got it…. you don’t know anything about Amisha… After you finish reading will surely search for her previous works …… wont feel that this is her first book….. she has written the book so nicely and gently that as you read you feel like the the story is really happening infront of you….The dull life one has …… and has told what exactly happening in our mind…. And the fun is the story atleast one incident which will be happend in your life too…. will feel like the story is so familiar….. the book is a must read and Waiting for Amisha’s next book …


A wonderful book which can be read from 6 to 60.

– Sudharsan

A wonderful book which can be read from 6 to 60. I would recommend this to all my friends who likes humor and spiritual enlightenment at the same time. English is so simple even a kid can understand.


A reminder of who we truly are and what we are capable of achieving.

– Vinod Nair E.P.

Amisha’s book is very relevant in today’s world where the pursuit of success at work is so overwhelming that it crushes the true nature of human beings and makes them overlook that success is truly meaningful only if it has helped in the greater good of people, and not if it has been achieved at their cost. Often, in our desire to succeed at all costs, we have forgotten that being nice is not really a choice but true human nature. This book is a reminder of who we truly are and what we are capable of doing. Pick it up for a quick and easy read.


I am the richest, if my heart is full of kindness.

– Swati

This line sums up the book perfectly. And not just the book, it sums up how we should be living our lives. The book is very well written, and the author has done a wonderful job of subtly trying to push the basic value that we all should have not just personally but professionally as well. The book spreads goodness in an entertaining manner. With examples portraying that life always comes in a full circle and if you do good, good will happen to you irrespective of any absence of goodness around you


but this book was recommended by my friend


I’m not a regular reader, but this book was recommended by my friend,i read few pages and felt that it’s a reflection on our lives, small things which we do, and helps us to find new meaning of life and to be content which what we have, it’s about the change that we want to see. The entire story is weaved beautifully, and i really want to thank the Author, Amisha of the this book to again ignite the spark of reading in me.Now i recommend this book to my friends.Great work done !!!!


It motivates you to look through life a little more deeper and live a little more happily. Your best 2 hours spent guaranteed so

– Akanksha Inda

I preordered the book cause every book lover loves to give a new author the due respect. It’s a finely written book that almost every Indian(& others) can relate to. Woven with examples and circumstances that bring out the spiritual and humorous side of the protagonist it is a book that leaves behind a very positive feeling in the end. It motivates you to look through life a little more deeper and live a little more happily. Your best 2 hours spent guaranteed so do order!


Great work done by author

– Aditya Gupta

Great work done by author. Nice narration of life incidents and beautifully composed events of life. I felt that I was listening from author herself. I couldn’t resist myself from completing the book in one go. Loved the way the author has mentioned teachings of our Vedas and she has nailed it by not overdoing it. Good Job Amisha!!!!! All the Best!!!! We will wait for your next book and will try to be the first one to purchase it…


Must read -very very crafted book

– Uma sethi

A very written book by Debut author Amisha Sethi -simple to understand but leave you with a nice thought and message that start looking events in life , people around in little nicer way and try to be good to them -if we want them to be nice and good to you. Author has been able to send his message to the audience-Best book I came across in recent time -MUST READ


It makes you think, feel good and humble all at the same time!

– Manish Chopra

Loved it! Simple to read, intriguing blend of a “bio” and spiritual comedy with lots of aha moments for me. Enjoyed the very well researched spiritual references from all sorts of sources. Very nicely done. Laughed at each of the cartoons as they all had some subliminal link of one’s life gone past! Waiting for the next one now!


A must read!

– Pamel

Eloquent humbling and enlightening, Amisha’s debut novel is 24 carat pure gold that leaves you on a high!


( It Doesn’t Hurt To Be Nice).. A fact ignored by many

– Manoj Karthikeyan

The book definitely make you rethink about the small things you do in life and how much it helps effect people and your surroundings. For a first time author, Amisha has definitely put in a lot of efforts to ensure the book is a good read. I wish her and the book all the success and hope she keeps giving her pen good workouts in future as well..


This is a wonderful book that talks about spirituality

– Shiji

This is a wonderful book that talks about spirituality , kindness , compassion , being nice to others and many such simple and sweet things that are often forgotten in daily life.. Loved the way how Amisha has extracted the essence of complex texts and explained them. Amazon has been at its best as always .. On time hassle-free delivery.


Loved the thought of introducing verses of our ancient books …

– Esha

A short and crip read. Loved the thought of introducing verses of our ancient books and teaching and connecting it to our daily life. In our busy life people have forgotten the basic essence of life i.e love, sharing and being kind. This book makes you give a second thought on the purpose of life and how to live life.


Beautifully written

– Magesh

Beautifully written. It doesn’t feel I read a book, rather it feels that I was listening from author herself. To complete a book in one sitting is in itself a big deal for any reader. Loved the way the author has mentioned teachings of our Vedas and she has nailed it by not overdoing it.


A good read and it actually doesn’t hurt to be nice to the author!

– Piyer

This book is a qwirky fun ride which keeps you clinging on! The wisdom imparted through the scriptures can be easily related to individual nuances in one’s life. It’s a wonderful first attempt by the author! Great work!


Good book

– Rajeshwar Prasad

The dispatch was prompt. Got the delivery in less than 24 hours (Normal delivery – not one day delivery selection). Have only partly read the book – very interesting so far. Shall post full review when finished.


More entertaining than actually enlightening

– Kiran Gowda

Loved the phrase from the book “When words are both true and kind, they can change the world.”


Definitely a must read!!!

– Swati

A wonderful and a soul searching read of the protagonists journey through ups and downs of life…must read…kudos to the author Amisha Sethi


Fills up positivity

– Indu reddy

Nice work by the author, a bold attempt. The biggest plus point to the book is the title itself. ..true.. it doesn’t hurt to be nice.


Very well written book

– Laiqur Rahman

Very well written book…must read!! A nice crafted book for people who like humor and spirituality.


Well written and is an easy read

– Paromita

Well written and is an easy read.Flow of the book is enjoyable. Good story which all can relate to..


… was a bit folded else everything else is very good.

– Divya Dacharaju

Book was a bit folded else everything else is very good


Well written!!


Well written!!


I would recommend thid readers of all ages

-Syed Kirmani (Former Indian Cricketer)

A little bit of common sense, a little bit of spirituality, a little bit of tolerance and a little bit of good humour mix these all up and see what a good life you lead. Amisha’s book blends spirituality and humor in a way that it relates to everybody. We all have a lesson to learn from this. I would recommend thid readers of all ages.


A book for all ages

-Karthi Sivakumar (Indian film actor, Tamil film industry)

A very close friend recommended this book to me; I believe there are some books which churn you up inside and motivate you to shake up your life. Am sure you all know that, the one decision to take up acting as a career and be able to inspire many lives has changed my life. Amisha’s ‘It Doesn’t Hurt To Be Nice’ is that book which is hugely inspiring and a must read. A book for all ages.